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when a metaphor is construed as an equation it is out of control; when it is construed as an identity, it is perposterous.
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DRD Tactical G762

For those unfamiliar with DRD Tactical, they are the ones who responsible for the Paratus. The G762 follows along those lines, being a 7.62x51mm take-down rifle. It’s distinguishing feature however is that it uses the cheap and available H&K G3 magazine. MSRP on the G762 is around $3,250.00, which is roughly a littler over half the cost of the Paratus. (GRH)


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Maybe you two should keep doin’ y’all constubulatin’ and let us know where he’s at.

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Anonymous asked: poop ok. poooop your self in your own face. love, yourself. let your pwn poop pwn you. wat

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nonexistent search term

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I was greasin’ slopes in the mekong delta while you and your boyfriend were still suckin’ on yo momma’s tittays.

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cobol engineering thug:you're not dreamin' now, are ya?
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we have a famous saying here we live by: “don’t be a pussy”

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